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Milwaukee, Wi


Most Drains Taken Care Of Within An Hour

No Trip Charges.( Prices are Subject to change according to this Web Page!)

Small Drains are $90 and include: bathtubs , bathroom sinks, laundry tubs, kitchen sinks, urinals, and augering toilets.

Sewer Drains under 100 feet are $140 and include: main sewers out to street, rain conductors, floor drains, and 3 inch stacks or larger.

This Price is available during regular business hours 8am-4pm Mon-Fri

If I need to pull a toilet there is a $65 extra charge

Available Any Time Day or Night 7 Days a Week 24 Hours A Day

Drain cleaning is usually guaranteed for 30 days unless it is specified on the invoice.

After hours Prices are $210.00 for sewers under 100 feet.

Small Drains $135.00 After Hours. Call for holiday prices.